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Ketam is the Malay word for Crab. Delight in a unique fusion of Sri Lankan & Malaysian Cuisine. As an extension of renowned Sri Lankan Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Ceylon Crab House.

Our menu reflects the rich flavors of both nations, harmoniously blended by our skilled chefs

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I loved everything about this place. Staff was friendly and helpful and the portions are extremely worthy for the prices. The food was great.

A friend recommended Ketam House as a place serving Halal food, so I went there for a light Dinner.

Food was awesome, very nice flavour

We found this place by chance and decided to give it a try on our last day in Sri Lanka. The name “Ketam” captured our attention since it’s in Malay. So, it turned out the restaurant does serve quite a few Malay dishes. The Lagoon Crab that we ordered was perfectly cooked and very delicious. It was fresh, and one piece is good enough for three people to share.


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Aloe Ave, 24 Marine Drive, Colombo 00300, Sri Lanka

+94 112 551 010

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